How to check which version is installed?

I just did a fresh install two days ago, using GIT I noticed on the version tool tip is says I am using an old version and that 3.0.0-alpha.8/ is available. I went to to my install directory, ran “git pull” and it says it is up to date?

What am i missing here?


Yeah this has been broken for a while, basically the update script will always say “hey there is a new version” if you install from git directly. Not sure if we are working on this.

I have it disabled on my fork for now since it was getting annoying, I haven’t really looked into it… but I will try to do Pull Request tonight.

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The “You have a pre-release version” parts are true :wink:

Most of the text is currently getting triggered by using a git install rather than a released tarball. This is an area of the updates system that could be improved.

From what I recall implementing the update checker should be less quirky once we hit 3.0.0 (the code doesn’t have a sane reference as of now). My production is currently on 3.0.0-alpha.6 but it isn’t showing updates since it tries to not be naggy unless there are quite a few updates in the pipeline.

The update info only gets show if your user has the admin role. So fixing it hasn’t been a high priority since a large subset of users never see it.