How can I actively participate in the project when I am not a developer?


Hello to the whole community!

My name is Fabrice and I created, in France, the first WebRadio dedicated entirely to the Free & Open Source Software community in France : This WebRadio was powered by the Airtime solution, which proved to be robust for nearly a year of 24/7 broadcasting. Unfortunately, the number of auditors was not there and given the taxes that have to be paid in France for a WebRadio, I threw in the towel at the end of 2017, with great regret.

Although I’m not a skilled technician, I managed to set up and run the platform by myself on a server rented from host 1&1. Today I would like to try again the adventure but above all, I would like to contribute to the project, by testing the Alpha version of LibreTime, by writing documentation (French / English), or even video tutorials.

Please tell me if my help may or may not be of interest to you and if so, what is the best way to help you, what are the priorities?



Hopefully more knowledgeable folks than I am will chime in, but helping with the docs and with translation is always good. If you make a gitlab account and read through the bugs you will get some idea of areas the docs are lacking. Also just read through the docs and imagine how they could be better! The usual process (as I understand it) is to find a place the docs can be improved, and then submit a bug report that references that issue, and then submit a patch against that bug report.

If you haven’t used gitlab before, don’t be afraid to try! It’s not too hard.


Yeah, greenjon is right. I am working on a number of tutorials and I will be providing the scripts etc and improving the documentation. We can use help with translating the UI and adding translations for any new parts that we haven’t translated yet.

You could record french versions of the tutorials. I’ll try to be more open about the work I’m doing in the documentation. It is conjunction with a school project and I haven’t been getting feedback from the community which would be a good idea. (look for posts soon in this regard).

We actually need to work on testing upgrading from Airtime 2.5 as one of the priorities, to see what problems people run into, especially trying to upgrade the debian files.

Anyways, thanks for offering to help.