Extend metadata fields

Hello. I have found that in the database, there is much more fields than in metadata editor and e.g. smartblock criteria.

Is it possible to extend the number of meta data fields to be used in Libretime?
If the metadata are defined in one place it should be easy, but if it is hardcoded through the code it might be hard to find all occurencies.

For example we would like to enter the names of musicians so that we can later filter all the music where the particlar musician participates.

Thank you for your reaction.

Well this can be done up to a point. We are in theory somewhat limited to what ID3 or other metadata allows unless we want to simply add the metadata to our database w/o adding it to the actual file. But I think that the two are coupled at the moment and it would make sense to try to work with them.

Here is the id3 standard - http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0 - I noticed it does include a part called
4.2.2 TXXX [#TXXX User defined text information frame] - which I’ve thought we could use to add LibreTime specific data and then in theory the files would be useable on different LT instances.

Anyways this is something that I think we should pursue, that and making it easier to edit the metadata for multiple tracks (since we do all of our smartblocks and grouping based upon metadata).

Is there any way we could pull this type of info from MusicBrainz or a similar database?