Deleting one duplicate file also deletes image for both

Hi all: I uploaded a Public Service Announcement, but then changed the audio and re-uploaded it using the same name. Both copies were in the library, and both could still play. I then deleted the old version, and the image from the MP3 file disappeared from the remaining file as well. The audio in the remaining file is still good.

Possibly a bug - Can someone with a test environment verify? I really don’t want to try to duplicate this, and we don’t yet have a development server to try this out…

I can understand how this might happen: I’ve seen separate image files in the /srv/airtime/stor/imported/xx/ folders… If they don’t get unique names, then uploading a duplicate track will overwrite an existing image, and deleting a duplicate track will remove the image for the remaining file…


Ah ha. Need to add increments on file when upload. Will fix it soon.