Any ideas on how I stop this?

A bot of some sort keeps turning up at the server and opening up hundreds of connections. Eg

Is there a way to stop this ? I assume that the connections would all be coming from one IP (or batch) but finding out and blocking this would be useful.

One possible useful observation - the attacks come only on the 96kbps Ogg channel.

I don’t know specifically how to do this but I would check your icecast2 logs and possibly research how to block IPs from Icecast. This would be likely best handled on the icecast level vs. LibreTime level. I tried to google for it and it might even make sense to do it at a higher level if in looking at the icecast2 logs you can find a certain IP that is causing the traffic - see

Thx Robbt. Whoever or whatever it was has stopped so I’ll keep tabs on it going forward.

Maybe we could make us of fail2ban to block those bots by ip ?

Not super familiar with fail2ban but how would we differentiate between a real stream listener and a bot ?

I am not really sure that fail2ban would work in this situation, but I’d say that a bot would make many connection attempts in a short period of time from the same IP