Airtime-playout service missing

Hi all, finally got LibreTime to install I think.

In /etc/init.d/ there is no airtime-playout . I do have one in /usr/bin/airtime-playout but not sure what I would need to do to make it a service.

When I try to run it I get the following:
root@stream:~/libretime# /usr/bin/airtime-playout restart
2019-06-28 21:30:08,514 [main] [INFO ] New locale set to: en_US.ISO8859-1
2019-06-28 21:30:08,514 [main] [ERROR] Need a UTF-8 locale. Currently ‘iso8859-1’. Exiting…

Any suggestions?


Hi @PlayBoxTech

Sorry for the late response. There is no init.d file since we have already switched to using Systemd. The following commands can be used to interact with the service in systemd:

# get unit status
systemctl status airtime-playout
# start unit
systemctl start airtime-playout
# restart unit
systemctl restart airtime-playout
# enable (start at boot) unit
systemctl enable airtime-playout
# tail the services logfiles
journalctl -fn -u airtime-playout.service

The error you’re seeing when you call airtime-playout directly could have a few different source. Does it also occur in the log files whe you start airtime-playout through systemd?