Advert Scheduling

Me again sorry…

So we were 99% convinced to go Libretime and then we found a massive problem for us, The lack of scheduling ability.

Is there any way or a workaround for playing adverts x many times a day?

For example company A needs one of their adverts played 3 times a day
Company B needs one of their adverts placed 6 times a day

Is there any way of doing this? I’ve tried with playlist and smartblocks and I’m not getting anywhere.

We have a deadline to find a new system by the end of the month…

Any help is appreciated.

Well this definitely and under developed aspect of LibreTime and there is no automatic way to so this right now. It could be done in conjunction with playlists but not as simply as you describe it. As a volunteer project nobody has made this into a core component of the system.

Might this be something we could scope out and create a campaign on

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