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Figure i’ll chime in here -

Our odds and end made webradio called Radiocapsule is now running with Libretime. We mostly use liquidsoap tricks for 24/24 playlisting, and Libretime mostly for live shows, webstreams or delayed/pre-recorded transmissions.

Dusting off this post as there’s surely more sites using LibreTime. Please add yours to the comments!

Indeed on our own server, amazon alexa, and on TuneIn
Eagle Wings Online Radio.

We use it at Basswise

Running on Dokku with Ruby on Rails back-end and Bootstrap framework with custom CSS.

It’s been running pretty smoothly using a mixture of pre-recorded and live shows as well as using things like the API.

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Very inspiring!

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∏-node is an experimental platform for the development of an hybrid web/FM/DAB+ radio format. Through the interlinking of different approaches, tools, technologies and networks a decentralised broadcast structure is established where each of the network’s nodes serves to both receive and transmit information. Such a structure seeks to break with the classic one-way communication scheme, substituting it with a horizontal peer-to-peer model.

∏-node wants to explore the many dimensions of radio – its physicality (ether, radio waves and the electromagnetic spectrum), its spatiality (bandwidth, frequencies), its infrastructure (network of radio receivers/emitters), its methods of production and editorial content management (programming boards/teams, recording studios), its methods of metadata reception (RDS/SDR), its history (free radio and pirate radio movements), and its legislation. Most importantly, π-node also wants to examine the future role and potential of radio in a time when everything is going digital.

We use

  • 5 instance of Libretime in LXC container
  • Icecream js library to allow streaming from a webpage
  • Asterisk server for incoming phone call
  • a set of cutom liquidsoap and bash scripts to generate streams
  • a file dropping - sharing system

Many Thanks to dev / community / people involved in Libretime :slight_smile:


Would love to see some write-ups or links to tutorials on how to integrate asterisk or just about your setup in general, it looks very cool.

Hi robbt,

thanks for your feedback + thanks for all you are doing :slight_smile:

To integrate asterisk, we use this type of configuration with a SIP provider you can call with a phone linked to the asterisk server that produce an icecast stream from the call. In our previous configuration, the phone call was generating a master source > libretime = taking immediately the “control” of our main stream :wink:

I can give more infos on the whole set-up if needeed


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After seeing the following from @kmahelona, I’m thinking a case study on what they’re doing would be pretty cool!

Trying to wrap my head around this YouTube live/LibreTime flow - audio streams of live video events (there are many musicians doing them now) would be really cool… if that’s what this functionality would enable.

Kia ora!

So right now what I’ve got set up is I have a Wowza Streaming Server to which Māori Television are sending us a live video broadcast (RTMP) and then Wowza can push streams to icecast (therefore LibreTime). I’ve scheduled it so that they are a show source and can only authenticate when their show is live and then the moment they stop streaming Wowza stops sending the feed to LibreTime and LT switches back to normal playout. This allows us to automatically relay the Ministry’s live broadcasts which are happening every day around 1pm and the Prime Minister’s address at 3pm. My only issue is… TV people don’t produce for radio :sweat_smile: when you work in radio and you do live video streaming you know to always have sound. The YouTube option I tweeted was working but it wasn’t very reliable… something probably to do with drops in the live stream which my code doesn’t handle well and LibreTime switching back to schedule if the link drops.

We’ve been meaning to move onto LibreTime for a while. I only recently started working on and and it just so happen COVID19 got out of control and now New Zealand is in lockdown so we had to urgently switch over from Airtime to LibreTime (yesterday).

One feature I’d love to add to LibreTime is SRT based streaming for lower latency. Near real time (<1s latency) streaming to and from LibreTime would be amazing.


CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo

We were exploring an upgrade from Airtime 2.5 to LibreTime, then just as the Covids arrived our Airtime server had a drive crash. So, a mad scramble to get LibreTime installed! Took a bit of doing - I had problems with the install packages, so ended up downloading the Vagrant Virtual Machine, running that on our development server while fixing the hardware on the production server. Then just massively copied (rsync, mostly) the LibreTime stuff from Vagrant to the (fixed) production server. Took a bit of tweaking with the setup tool, but everything seems to be in order!

I hope to be contributing to the code – I’ve been developing someone else’s schedule code, and there may be some additional attributes I’d like to see in the schedule API.

And it was nice to virtually meet @robbt at the LibrePlanet conference!



It might be good to have a section on new website that’s in the works

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We also use Libretime. The website is not great. is our studio site. Website LibreTime Studio

My LibreTime music stream station

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Sphere Radio is a non-commercial, interdisciplinary and free radio platform from the east of Leipzig. The aim of our platform is to promote exchange in society as well as local and (inter)national networking.


Droogies Radio is an independent Punk & Oi! radio based in France , gathering all the french podcasts about Punk culture.
Powered by Libretime



Guayra Radio Libre

Guayra Radio Libre is a non-profit online radio based in Misiones, Argentina. It plays tunes and radio shows from all over the world.