Show Playlist metadata from a single program mp3 file

This is a naive question.
Is there a way to add metadata to a single mp3 file of an long program that Libretime can extract to show as track info of what is actually playing ?
For example, I have a show that is an hour long with many music tracks amongst other things and I want the listener to see the title of the music track that is playing, not just the name of the mp3 file.
Currently, I am using Audacity to build programs but I have not found a way to add the edit list to the file, so I am wondering what is out that might do this?
Any advice is most welcome

This is not a naive question, it is you discovering one of the unsolved issues of LibreTime. I don’t think this is even on our feature request list for github but it has been on my mind as it is a solid feature that would help us.

How it is solved in practice - a lot of people rely upon spatial fingerprinting of their output audio stream coming from LibreTime itself. In theory someone could code an interface between arccloud & the LibreTime system that would attempt to identify the individual tracks in a composite MP3 file. How to do this, how to provide a means to edit the metadata make corrections and then display this on the LibreTime UI has not been decided. I think the solution that other stations have used is just to do this outside of LibreTime by processing the output which has the benefit of also working on any LiveDJ scenarios. I don’t know the technical details or any specific codebases that do this. Pacifica does have some software as a service option for Pacifica Affiliates that provides something like this - (Pacifica Internet Technology Packages - Pacifica Network) and there is Spinitron ( which costs more but offers similar functionality. There maybe others as well that I’m unaware of. Whether something like this can be coded and integrated into LibreTime directly would require either someone to donate significant amounts of time to coding it or for some kind of means of paying someone to encourage this specific contribution.

Considering the majority of users of LibreTime seem to be rather small start-up stations or those with on-staff paid or volunteer technicians there is no specific business model that makes it easy to fund specific features as of now.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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Wow. Thank you for opening up this … pandora’s box.
I must confess that I was looking for something much simpler.
I come from the video world so the closest example would be .srt subtitle files you find with video files.
The file is a simple human readable text file with a timecode and text. In this case, it would be metadata of the source file.
The ogg format seems to offer Continuous_Media_Markup_Language which might do the same sort of thing.

I naively thought that I could generate a file, either as an external file or embedded into the a radio program file via an audio editing app. We do this a lot in video post production.