Recordings being overwritten

I have Libretime set up and recording just fine. Unfortunately, the recorded file gets overwritten every week. The filename only comes through as record time and show name. There is no date included in the saved filename and thus it saves over the previous date. Is there a change I can make in the pypo script or the liquidsoap script to correct this? If I recall correctly the previous version of AirTime saved these recordings correctly.
Any help is appreciated

I’m sure there is a change that can be done, but without looking at the code I wouldn’t be able to advise. My suggestion is to try to determine what script you are using and figure out where it is named or else post a code-specific question.

Thanks, Yes I’m sure a change can be made but I can’t believe that no one else has run into this. Of course it only happens when using repeat events.

I’ve been looking at the Python scripts to try and determine the culprit and where it actually does the file saving. I’ve located the script but I’m not that well versed in scripting to follow the code. I also see that there is a different script that organizes the files into the database. It’s possible that that is the script I need to examine but again, I’m not sure.

Thanks for replying.

Well as far as I knew recording wasn’t working. Did you upgrade an existing Airtime installation or install LT from scratch ?

I’ve tried it with both Libretime and Airtime v2.5 with the same results from both.