Podcasts RSS issue

Does this feature work ?

When adding a new podcast it works and brings in the latest clutch of files from the feed and downloads them. After that however it appears to be dormant and is not consistently checking/retrieving new show files.

Isn’t it supposed to check the feed regularly (would be good to know how frequently) and then automatically download any new episodes ?

It is, though a recent change might have broken it. Could you open an issue on Github ?

Could you open an issue on Github ?

I could, although I now realise I have not done that before.

I assume I need a github acct ? And where would I go to open the issue on github ?

Yes you need a github account to open an issue.

Here is the bug tracker Issues · libretime/libretime · GitHub

I’ve tried to setup a podcast, and they are being downloaded properly. I am unsure what trigger it though. The legacy app relies on calls to it’s api to trigger background tasks. We are slowly moving the calls to the new API so we will reach a point where we might need to setup a cron job somewhere.