No music is played

I just installed Libretime. Everything successfully uploaded etc. Now he doesn’t play any music. However, it is connected. (SHOUTCAST)

Thank you for your replies!

Well have you created a show on the calendar and scheduled tracks to play ?
This is the essence of how LibreTime works, you create a schedule of tracks and it plays them at the allocated time. If nothing is scheduled, no music will be played.

When creating a schedule, be sure to create it at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance. The system needs a certain amount of time to process the playlist, if not, it will not work.

Also, are you using an IP address or a domain name? If you are using a domain name, be sure that the domain has propagated to your IP address in the DNS servers.

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I fixed it on my own. Thanks anyway!

It would be good to say how you resolved the issue.