Next Community Meeting Date and Time

The next community meeting is scheduled for 17 March 2021 at 19:00 UTC. Before I make a post about and start scheduling things, I would like to check if there is anyone who would like to attend, but are unable to due to the timing? If so, please suggest a date and/or time that suites you better. Based on that, we can change the meeting date and time if needed.

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Did this meetup happen? I was going to watch the livestream and possibly join in but it didn’t seem like it was happening.

Darn, I could have listened in if I’d remembered.

Yes, I’d really like to have a different date or time for these. Perhaps the meeting could be held on the same day of the month every time, then it’ll fall on different weekdays and be equally inconvenient to everyone. I think the 17th is a good date.

We can also schedule it at different times of day. Maybe have the UTC time be 2x the month number, so on Saturday 17 April (4th month) the meeting would be at 08:00 UTC. Next month, on Monday 17 May (5th month) the meeting is at 10:00 UTC.


Doesn’t seem so. I was on call this week and so was busy dealing with work stuff when the meeting was supposed to be happening… The week also ran away with me, which is why the usual announcement post didn’t go out.

Sounds good to me. There will be months I won’t be able to make (like this week), but they shouldn’t be too often.

Different times could work, though I think 2x the UCT time is probably a bit early for the people in the US - latest time would be 14:00 UTC… Maybe spread between 10:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC?

If the UTC hour is 2x the month number, then the meeting times would be spread out over the clock:
January - 02:00 UTC
February - 04:00 UTC
March - 06:00 UTC
November - 22:00 UTC
December - 24:00 UTC (really 00:00 UTC)

Yes, it means that from March to June I’ll be sleeping during the meetings (I’m in TZ -0400), but our friends on the other side of the world will get to participate during their business hours.

Anyway, just a thought…

Ah right, yes, I just couldn’t do maths…

That could work. We would need people to offer to run it in the times when I am unavailable (20:00 UTC - 07:00 UTC). As we saw this month, if there isn’t someone explicitly responsible for doing the admin and starting the meeting, it doesn’t happen

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I think I’m going to keep the time the same for the moment, until someone steps up to run the meetings during the times I am unavailable. I do like the idea of keeping the date consistent to spread things out a bit