Next community meet up - bug finding session

I would like to have a bug finding session in the next meet up in the buildup to 3.0 beta release. For that we need people. I’m happy to provide some test instances and walk through setting up a vagrant box during the meet up

The next meet up date is supposed to be 17 August at 19:00 UTC. Are there people who will be there or should we set a different date (please propose one)?

@robbt and @hairmare it would be great if you two could make it

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It isn’t the best week for me as it’s the week before school starts where I am watching my daughter but I should be able to make it and I added it to my calendar.

I have the LibreTime vagrant box set up, but haven’t had a chance to dive in much. I can make it on Aug 17.

17 August meetup announcement - Online LibreTime Meetup - 17 August 2021 19:00 UTC

See you then!

youtube reminded me and i only caught the last few minutes

i’ve been way busy with work and general adulting this year but I added the 17. sept to my calendar with an early alert and will try to make it to the next meetup