Login and Logout Issues?

Anyone else having login and log out issues? In my case, I’ll log in, then try to access the settings and teh website redirects me back to the home/splash screen. Then I click log in at the top right and i don’t even go through the login screen i go straight to the dashboard. And sometimes I’ll hit logout and it doesn’t really log me out.

Thought I ask before I file a bug.

No issues here. What browser are you using? Do you have any settings turned off on the browser or extensions enabled that might interfere? Try using another one to see if you’re able to use it without any issues.

Chrome. I’ve also got a bit of a setup: Route53 <> ELB <> Ubuntu 19.10

It seems like it could be a connection issue… the UI is a bit unresponsive at times but that could be because I’m importing 1000s of files on the backend. I’m just gonna keep watching this and try and take better notes. And I’ll try playing with a different browser but I can’t imagine that’s it (I don’t have much installed in terms of extensions).

Could be the setup, maybe with ELB. I think it works best with ubuntu 18.04. I believe I tried it before with 19.04 and ran into some issues. My setup is not with Amazon, but I did try it before with EC2 and it worked without any issues. Someone mentioned something about ELB giving two different responses depending on whether the listener is TCP or HTTP. Not sure if that could be it. Are you seeing any errors in the browser console or log in your server (/var/log/airtime/zendphp.log)? Hopefully someone else that worked with this setup see this and can help you better.

Yea with ELB… if you want to do icecast stuff you’ll need a network loadbalancer for your 8000 port, but otherwise I can’t see why normal http port 80 stuff would have issues. I’ll check out the browser logs and report what I find.

I’m getting a lot of 401 unauthorized in the browser and incorrect API key in the zend logs. I’m not sure how the API key is set up. I know the airtime.conf file has it there. Is that the only place, or is that written to the database? I ask because I’ve changed the key and I’m wondering if my database and the conf file are out of sync.

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Any progress on this? I’m getting the same thing…
A lot of 401 Unauthorized errors in the console and Incorrect API Key in the Zend logs.
It’s a fresh install from Git on Ubuntu 16.04. Chrome with no extensions.

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That’s good that someone else is experiencing this. It’s driving me nuts and I haven’t had time to investigate. I even do things like click logout, takes me to splash page, click login, takes me to dashboard, click logout, takes me to splash page, click login, takes me to dashboard, decide to screen record this, click logout, takes me to splash page, click login, takes me to login page!

I’m going to take another crack at it today, I’ve been struggling for 3 days now to get a working version. If this doesn’t work I’m moving over to AzuraCast, I only heard about it very late last night and I had a fully working site a half hour later!
It’s not as pretty nor does it have the same features, but the hassle is becoming too much.

I’ll let you know how I get on…

Has anyone logged an issue? https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues

Assuming this would be a blocker we’d need to resolve https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/544

OK, I have a working copy!
Turns out it was the icecast2 config that was messing everything up, I had to set the correct hostname and add the ssl node to the xml file.

AND, if you don’t have a show playing, it’s buggy as hell! as soon as I added a show it behaved perfectly…

Ok, here’s a video of my situation.

So I would guess the login and logout is some kind of cookie issue. I don’t know a lot about how Zend auth works but this is probably a zend issue, especially if you have some kind of domain proxy things going on. Been pretty absent on here and just trying to catch up, so maybe you’ve gotten past this since then.

Cookie issue seems most probable. Yesterday I logged in as a “dj” then needed to be an admin. So when I logged out and logged in again as admin it still showed me as being the dj user. Is it possible that this is happening on the server end rather than the browser? Does it do something like associate an IP with a logged in session and it’s not properly clearing that?

It’s all handled by Zend 1 here - airtime_mvc/application/controllers/LoginController.php
Is it possible that you have an extension on your browser that is doing something weird ? Have you tried logging in from another computer without any add-ons or extensions to see if it still happens.

Here is more information from the framework - https://framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/zend.auth.introduction.html and https://framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/zend.session.introduction.html

Maybe something weird is going on with the Session namespace. This evidently is stored on the server but I’m not an expert on Zend 1.

Thanks for that I’ll have a look into Zend when I get a chance. I’ve had LibreTime open in Safari and it’s still there and upon refresh it’s working OK. So maybe this is a Chrome (+ Extension) thing. I’ve since deleted all my Chrome extensions. I did have a VueJS one that’s the only thing I think could have been affecting it but it wasn’t active.

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Maybe try Firefox as well, to confirm it happens outside of just Chrome. Let me know if it occurs without the extensions as this does seem like something odd taking place between blocked cookies and/or Zend session management. And if you can figure out a way to replicate the issue or get some kind of cause we can open a bug and try to fix it.

Ok so I can confirm this is only happening for me in Chrome on MacOS. Safari and Firefox on MacOS seem to be okay. I wouldn’t say I’ve tested this rigorously but I’m pretty confident this is a Chrome thing. I’ve removed all the extensions (but then I had to add back some important ones e.g. 1Password and Google Docs offline) and I’m still having issues.

Interesting, We can confirm it’s happening to our staff on Firefox across Windows and Linux. Even with no plugins and in private browser mode :confused: I wonder what logs would be helpful to share? We’ll double check but it does seem like we share in @donwildman experience that when no show is playing it 401’s us

Hey @kpfa - it sounds like you are maybe having a different issue. If you are running into the 401 error. It could be that the login session is just expiring but the page doesn’t auto-refresh to show the login screen. Because of the AJAX nature of Libretime it will look like you can still do stuff but then it fails and you get frustrated and have to log back in order to do anything. Is this possibly what you are running into ?

Or do you ever have issues immediately after logging in ?
Otherwise I’m wondering if you are using a reverse proxy-nginx-ssl setup or have some other type of config that might be causing the issue.

Relevant logs are in /var/log/airtime/zendphp.log and possibly the javascript console of your browser development mode.

As far as @kmahelona goes, if you are only running into this on Chrome can you see if you can duplicate it with Chromium for Mac OS x - did you run into the issue when running without any extensions and/or in icognito mode ? Also what errors if any are you seeing in the logs I reference above.

If we can get a glimpse at a cause here then we can open up a bug. LibreTime has not been fully tested when it comes to various proxy front-ends etc and there might be some weirdness with the way Zend 1 auth handles this that is unlikely to be fixed considering it is no longer supported upstream. So it’d be good to determine at least the cause of issues like this.