LibreTime on AWS


Looks like there’s been a good bit activity since I posted

Has anyone had any success installing and running LibreTime on AWS or is this todo list still valid?

Somewhat related - how would this fit in with the priorities posted by @robbt?


AFAIK the todo list is still valid. The generic points on it aren’t real blockers though. You can already install on a AWS VM but you won’t get an automatically up-gradable system until we get to providing distro packages.

The amazon specific things (cloud-init and S3) haven’t been touched at all. I have a feeling that the S3 support might be the one you really need, using local storage on a cloudy VM only makes marginal sense.

Personally I’ve been working on an OpenShift/k8s deploy. Once done that might also be an option for cloudy deploys. I feel like the k8s way will mostly be interesting for users that already know the technology. New Linux users should probably stick to a VM for the time being.

BTW, I had some success with a cloud-init based install on (digitalocean based) and documented what I did here. It’s a bit outdated and I had issues with using and haven’t tried anything there recently.

LibreTime Demo site

Cool, yeah I’m running LibreTime on a amazon AWS but mainly as a poor persons stream relay and with a local storage as @hairmare mentioned. Distro packages are still a goal at some point and someone would have to take an interest in the S3 stuff as I don’t think it’s a high priority for any of the devs at the moment.


Thanks for the updates! Personally I’d still like to help make a LibreTime equivalent of possible.

Going on the assumption the reasoning for keeping a SaaS offering separate the OSS project still holds true, it sounds like the best bet is to direct any interested developers and AWS specialists to the checklist @hairmare provided in the github issue.


Aside from the billing and quota management etc, it is possible to run LibreTime on AWS. I think if anyone did want to create a SaaS installable version the only thing they would need to keep in mind is the requirement of the AGPLv3 that they share all of their source code changes etc.


Ok - so this will probably contradict what we’ve been discussing… but
what if LibreTime did provide a SaaS version in addition to the free download? The actual hosting service could be handled by a partner and/or interested community members. Rather than a full on customer offering, there could be more of a white label/vendor focus.

I think a hosted version would be attractive to small stations, podcasters, or individuals who don’t have the skills or resources to set up and maintain their own instance. It should also provide an ongoing funding source for the OSS project and community. If LibreTime was set up on OpenCollective, there’s potential for hosting as a perk which can then be used to fund work on distro packages and other features/functionality needed.

I do think this could be a way to sustain and grow the project if done right.

Sites using LibreTime
LibreTime Demo site
Managing Libretime development with live servers
Any interest in LibreTime available as a SaaS with hosting and support?

On a side note, I’ve seen slow but steady progress with my pet project LibreTime docker images and helm charts for Kubernetes. They are still far from alpha at this point but I think I’ve got all the bits and pieces together for integrating into the ecosystem. As far as I can tell my work should be deployable on most public clouds (ie. Amazon Elastic Container Service, Azure AKS, Google GKE and others).

The thing is my personal containerization effort is really just a pet project at this point and it won’t get production ready any time soon. There is lots of grunt work to be done in making LibreTime run HA enough for all of this to make sense at scale.

Managing Libretime development with live servers

Assuming is related to what you’re talking about here… does this work make it easier to set up a SaaS version on AWS as we’re talking about here?

Either way, are there specific tasks contributors can help with?