Libretime API V1 unreachable when there is no scheduled show

Hi there,

I am running into a weird issue, and, probably I am missing something.
What I want to do? I want to use the API call to start recording of a live show and create an automated ON-AIR-LIGHT.
I do this in Node-Red on a separate machine. Basically, I wrote a function node to read the API, and decide if there is a live show or not.
If on air, recording starts, when of air, recording stops.

There is little documentation on the api, But when music is playing through a scheduled show, the api works, when the show is finished, the api does not work. Also not when I have a live input on the master input, or live input. (I tested both)

Here is the api I use:
converted for me to:


So, when there is a scheduled event running API works, when there is no scheduled event, API does not work.

It is a pity, because I would also like to make an ON AIR light, and A LIVE Light.

Any help or direction would be highly appreciated!