Let' sencrypt cerboot No problem just a question

From @rallep71 on Thu Sep 21 2017 05:57:22 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Let’ sencrypt cerboot No problem just a question
Would it be possible to provide a detailed documentation and an example? The current Docu is not very helpful, not even the links that have already been posted here.

thank you

Copied from original issue: https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/302

From @Robbt on Thu Sep 21 2017 12:34:51 GMT+0000 (UTC)

This is a good idea. If you wanted to work on it we’d be happy to merge the update to the documentation. I haven’t worked through the process, but I think that it would make sense to do this with an additional option in either the install or under settings once it has been installed as an additional feature for admins to check.

From @hairmare on Mon Sep 25 2017 18:07:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)

The existing docs are in dire need of cleanup. Following them will most certainly make more issues and their wording is quite confusing in some places (ie. where they call self signed certs ‘‘snakeoil’’).

What are the issues you are having with certbot? It would be nice if we could get them figured out to help us update the docs.

Most of the work that has been but into the TLS side of things have been to ensure that using TLS actually works. Now that we are closer to that state It’s probably time to start thinking about refactoring the docs.

I installed a Nginx reverse proxy in front of it with Certbot that created the certificates. And I copied certificates to the LibreTime servers and changed the Apache2 config accordingly. In the install script of LibreTime I changed the Apache2 config already. So when I should have a problem and need to run the install script again it would not brake my LibreTime install.

But there is an order of install or else it doesn’t work with Libretime. First you have to install Libretime, but don’t go trough the webpages yet. after the install of LibreTime you can install Certbot. And then go through web part of the install. If needed I can write that part of the manual.

Sure that would be helpful, maybe we can even integrate it into the install process at some point.

Yes that is possible. I did not integrate the install of Certbot yet. But I know when you install Certbot before installing LibreTime, LibreTime has issues.

I have an idea how I can implement that in the script. I will try that this week. I have a few extra free IP’s on my servers.