Frontend/backend shows in two languages

Hi guys,

As shown in the attached image, Libretime’s frontend displays a message in two languages. The days of the week are in the desired language (Portuguese) and the other messages are in English.

How to solve so that everything is presented in the desired language, in this case Portuguese.

The backend (administration interface) is configured for the Portuguese language and this also happens, some messages are in English.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Regivaldo Costa

If the language you are using is not fully translated, it will fall back to the main language (en_US).

So if you see English strings here and there, it’s probably because they are not translated.

Feel free to help us translate the project on Weblate: LibreTime/Legacy @ Hosted Weblate

Dear Joola,

Thanks for answering.

So that must be the problem.

The web site reports that 54% of Brazilian Portuguese has already been translated. I’ll be contributing to that, I’ve had the afternoons free.

Please where is this language file in Libretime installations?

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Regivaldo Costa