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As I would be a user and not a developer, I would really like some direction of which distro would be the best to use on a VPS.

Now we have a forum, I know it’s new and I’m sure you have already thought of this but just wanted to try this out. :wink:

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication

We appreciate it.

IMO the easiest one is still Ubuntu 14.04 at this point. This is at least what I’ve used for deployments and I currently use for development. I think a few people are using Debian 9.1 stretch at this point and I think there have been a few fixes to make it work but I haven’t really tested installed it yet so I can’t say.

I think the only issue we have found with VPS’ is if they don’t have locale installed they sometimes fail during the install, but this only occurs on very bare bone installs.

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - all worked fine out if the box after applying to silian fix :slight_smile: