Can not connect to the streaming server. Problem with Liquidsoap

OS : Ubuntu 18.04.6
PC : Z440 workstation

By January, LibreTime had been installed and used on three other Z440 workstations.
These three LibreTime work well so far.

However, installing a new LibreTime from last week will cause errors such as images.
< Can not connect to the streaming server
Problem with Liquidsoap…>

Is there any way to solve this?

I solve it.

to overcome this, you have to change the icecast settings. I was looking at it last night. I am not very good at linux commands etc so really struggled. Also the webstreams didn’t work. I have installed from the branch mentioned below , but the webstream only stays on air for approximately 5mins.

I had that problem and I fixed it by making a change in my /etc/hosts file.

By default, Digital Ocean set up the VM with one entry there which included my fully qualified domain name----but it was to the loopback address. Looked like this: localhost libretime

My libretime installation was acting a little squirrely, including the problem you mention of “Cannot connect to streaming server…”. I added one more entry with the static public ip and the FQDM like this: localhost libretime
123.123.456.2 libretime

Immediately fixed the problem.