There was an error creating the database!


I don’t think that this install script work proper for every os. My setup here is a ubuntu 18.04 LTS server as a VM in a test-enviorment. VMware is qemu/KVM.

In my case, the database was not created and i do not know why. But the ssh-deamon was masked disabled during installation, so i have first no login to the machine at all. That is really a lot of fun, especially for an old sysadmin like me! (but what, if not?)

After repairing ssh on the VM local, i installed first phppgadmin to stop this blind-fly with postgres. Then i created by hand a database “airtime” which belongs the new created user “airtime” with password “airtime”.

After this i run the webinterface again an the installation-process finished all 5 steps. And 60 minutes (not seconds, cause the horrible docs) later i get it to play out over icecast.

Wow, what a mess - but why is there no proper init-script for postgres, if there is no database “airtime”. Not everyone has the know-how in postgres, also i play with this the first time, but my 30year-database-experiences helped.

And it looks that LibreTime stuck in the next problem. It seems liquidsoap will not connect mixxx 2.2.2 and it does not matter if master or as dj. But icecast can connect mixxx. (aha? i know, this is her off topic)