SSL and Icecast problem

Such a very interesting controversial situation arises when you change the domain name to http:// instead of https:// using SSL certbot then, the radio page everything works except the radio player itself. Since icecast uses http:// not https:// and in this regard the public page does not play radio or log in by pressing the “listen” button

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 14.41.39

So as I understand that for the player to work, Icecast should also have SSL enabled.

But is there a 100% working guide on how to get SSL to work on Icecast?

And public radio page song not change automatically

wtf…if i put working icecast to SSL and icecast2 working with port 8443 and https://

Libretime not support SSL. I can’t set Stream settings SSL. This show stream link without SSL.

Where can i change that manually?