Privacy notification

Hi, I’m new, but a Sr. person in the computing community.

Under your request, “If You See a Problem, Flag It”, I was rather shocked to see my email address show up in viewing my own posting - my first - shortly after I’d created it.

I’m NOT saying LibreTime violated anything, I AM saying I don’t feel I was notified either way about my e-address being shared publicly. And, this is not the standard. It’s at least my considered opinion that people signing up should be informed about that during that process.

Or, if it happens that said address was only shown to me because I was logged in and thus, “I’m wrong,” well, then disclosure of that would also be appreciated.

OR, if it happens that I was notified and didn’t notice, then please gently scold me and I’ll shuffle on! But it just shocked me to see it.

Happily, I’m OK with that address, of the many I have at my disposal, being displayed here. But some may not.


sorry that you were shocked.

We agree on the idea that emails shouldn’t be publicly displayed unless explicitly asked.

That said, I couldn’t understand where this happen, could you give more context ?