My podcast - Deprecated?

I wanted to publish an mp3 file as a podcast. I check the “my podcast” radio button as the destination but the publish button at the bottom of the panel does nothing.

The “Publish on” section states that
You haven’t published this track to any sources!
Check the boxes above and hit ‘Publish’ to publish this track to the marked sources.

The new manual does not have any info on this. This forum seems to suggest that the podcast service EOL. Hopefully not.

I hope that I am just doing something wrong.
Any suggestions are most welcome.

The feature has been removed in alpha.11 if I remember correctly.

Therefore, I presume that this service will not be replaced by something similar?

The feature was commented out, as it wasn’t working. I am unsure, but it is possible that the feature never reached enough maturity either, you should ask the old mantainers.

We might reimplement it once the backend has moved to django.

Thank you for clarifying this.