LT behind reverse proxy and ssl, split dns, no audio


i need some help on my configuration.
i have LT running behind a reverse proxy with ssl

reverse proxy is on a pfsense (haproxy) which is also the firewall (port forwards)
the proxy & ssl certs is running fine with some other sites

on LAN Side there is also a Split DNS.

used domains for LT

LT airtime.conf
base_url =
base_port = 443
force_ssl = true

everything works, but i have no audio output
no audio on WAN connections
and also no audio on LAN Side

Have you checked in the console?

I do have a similar setup for the website, but my stream is still unencrypted. Usually browsers block non-encrypted content on an encrypted page. Could that be the issue?

I think that I’m running into something similar here. Notably, it seems that my issue is related to web-clients trying to connect over https not http (which works ok).

My host configs are as follows (note, these are both on the same physical host - an old laptop! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Connections made over the web interface show that request is made over https:

I’m thinking that there’s got to be some way to clear that up and either point it at the right destination OR configure icecast to listen for https, too? Thoughts?

Thank you!

Here’s the stream config, for what it’s worth: