Libretime with NGINX on Debian Blank Page

I’ve been doing my best to update from 3.0.0-Alpha.10 to Alpha.13 through 11 and 12.
Surprised to see that we now only have NGINX and no more Apache httpd. (which in itself I’m ok with)
unfortunately, whatever I’m doing now, I’m getting a blank page and am not able to finish the configuration through the web site.
Am I the only one with this problem, and If you have this resolved, what was the resolution??


We choose to replace apache2 with nginx to simplify the setup with the python api (asgi) and legacy app (php-fpm) (this is easier for the future docker setup as well). Using apache2 is still doable, you just need to bind the server to both the api and legacy backend.

Your will probably find answers in the logs, either in the libretime logs, webserver logs or system logs.