Libretime website issues

The software is brilliant and does (mostly) what me and my friend want to do. I will post some separate threads about some minor issues…

The problem I have been facing lately is if libretime is accessed via the web browser url ( locally the website and url works fine everytime. If the website hasn’t been used in a while then external access is attempted (4g or different isp) it won’t work at all until accessed locally, then a few hours later it goes off again. I can access the libertine website anytime via a public IP and port just fine… is this something going on domain side or something else?

As seen, I have changed the port to not be default port 80 as we run 4 radio stations side by side from one public ip ranging from 81 - 84.

Hello! I do not know English well, but as I understand it, there is a disconnection. My site periodically stops working due to PHP 7.3. Maybe I’m wrong?

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Ahh, I will have read. That completely makes sense! I was even wondering if I had set up the domain correctly! Is it relatively easy to sort do you reckon?

Hi sugonjakas,

I have checked the php version like stated in your original post. Many thanks for that.

I have checked the php version and this is what I get so I assume that this is ok. Any other ideas?

Many thanks,