LibreTime - non-audio assets

On internet radio, it is nice to have some sort of image to go with the song/show/series. It helps people rapidly find content and focus attention and can inform the listener.

Is there a way LibreTime might support an image (.jpg/.tif/.png/.gif) with the audio file?

We do support album art built into mp3 tracks. I believe you can edit a track in LibreTime and add art which will be displayed. This could be expanded upon but the basic functionality is there right now. I also know we have an image field for shows but I don’t know if the widgets currently display it.

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The “Show Logo” is certainly exported in both /api/week-info and /api/live-info as image_path

The individual tracks’ artwork_url are also exported in /api/live-info

I’ve just discovered the existence of but it does not export the track artwork_url ( :sunglasses: must file bug…)


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