Installation configuration

Next error what i see chrome inspector. And Rabbit Setup loading and loading

:8888/setup/setup-functions.php?obj=RabbitMQSetup:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

I have installed PHP version 7.3.20 and using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

Some details in installation:

Package guzzle/guzzle is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use guzzlehttp/guzzle instead.
Package raven/raven is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use sentry/sentry instead.

          * Configuring PHP in Apache *          

Module rewrite already enabled
Considering dependency mpm_prefork for php7.2:
Considering conflict mpm_event for mpm_prefork:
Considering conflict mpm_worker for mpm_prefork:
Module mpm_prefork already enabled
Considering conflict php5 for php7.2:
Module php7.2 already enabled