Exception: Python 2 no longer supported


ubuntu 18.04
Libretime 3.0.0-alpha8

I keep running in the following exception during the installation:

Exception: Python 2 no longer supported.

Any suggestions ?


I’m facing the same problem an yet no solution
I tried changing date, update/downgrade pip setuptools but still cannot figures out the problem

File “/tmp/easy_install-44m5p_/mutagen-1.44.0/setup.py”, line 246, in

Exception: Python 2 no longer supported

Latest version of mutagen no longer support python2


1.44.0 - 2020-02-10

  • Python 2 is no longer supported #410

So in /python_apps/airtime_analyzer/setup.py

I have changed


With this change I managed to finish the installation on debian buster

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Didn’t work for me, still the same error Python 2 No longer supported :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey everyone, yup I just ran into this as well. You can fix this manually if you want to get your install working. I’ve created a PR to get this fixed: https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/pull/960

My suggestion, if you just want a quick fix to get this installed, is to change this file:


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Thank thank thank you kmahelona

Thank thank thank you Izambr

You’re welcome. The PR has been pulled into the master branch so I think you’d be safe to use that rather that what I linked above.